Herringbone vs Chevron Tiles – A Comparative Analysis

Herringbone vs Chevron Tiles – A Comparative Analysis

The herringbone pattern is a monument that needs to find its place in our home because it practically pops up anywhere nowadays. This classic pattern has been excellent on surfaces in the kitchen (including floors, walls and backsplashes), upholstery and hardwood floors. However, the herringbone pattern is often confused with a close neighbour known as the Chevron tiles pattern. The Chevron pattern also comes in a tricky zigzag manner that can be difficult to distinguish. Visit https://tileandbathco.com.au/collections/herringbone-tiles to know more about Herringbone Vs Cheron Tiles.

But perhaps, on a closer look, one can tell the difference. Particularly, if you have not been able to tell the difference before now, that confusion ends here and now. This article compares the two most prominent styles of laying tiles in the modern interior design industry. So, what are the unique factors between the two fashionable patterns? To give a comprehensive account, we will discuss the two types differently before comparing them.

What is Herringbone Tiles Pattern?

The herringbone tiles pattern is such an ancient method of laying tiles, which has remained with us for several years. Its earliest use comprises the woodwork in earlier Roman empires and other cultures and concrete surfaces, including walls and floors. It was once an outdoor tiling pattern for floors but now is making its mark in the bathrooms and kitchen. This style or design is made from tiny rectangular tiles or wood in equal sizes arranged at the right angles. 

When you combine these tiles this way, they form a broken indirect zigzag pattern. But note that the tiles are rectangular rather than at angle cuts that appear damaged or staggered. In addition, the resulting output can hold an asymmetrical appeal to everyone who sees it. In addition, the herringbone tiles are laid at an angle of 450 to the floor or wall surface where it lies. You may either decide to apply these tiles horizontally/vertically or diagonally to give a pop design. 

Advantages of the Herringbone Pattern 

it has been a while that we have the herringbone tile pattern, and its prominence is an indication that it carries some advantages. We will begin to explore these pros one after the other.

  1. The herringbone tiles on the floor or the kitchen backsplash do not need any other particular tile to complete it. You can simply leave it open-ended since the tiles come with a standard rectangular shape that you can find in typical home equipment stores. On the other hand, other tiles patterns may require some specific measurements before cutting.
  2. Due to the tested quality of herringbone tiles, the length of their being around, people have discovered incredible things about the pattern. For instance, homeowners now know more innovative and more efficient ways of laying the tiles and personalizing them to fit the purpose. Also, a darker grout against a brightly coloured tile gives a pop p design in a modern way. But if you want to keep a rustic look, pair a grout colour with the same colour as the tiles.
  3. Herringbone tiles, through their various sizes, can help to optimize your space in an eye-catching manner. For instance, when you use the pattern for white tiles, you get to see a more elevated remodelling. Therefore, before deciding on your tile size and installing the herringbone tiles, ensure you consider the size of the portion to use it. 

What is Chevron Tile Pattern?

The chevron tiling pattern has a shape of tile and wood already cut at an angle, just like a parallelogram. It leads to a row of interlocking parallelograms joined from end to end in a seamless continuous flow of a zigzag pattern. This pattern can also run parallel or perpendicular to the adjoining floor or wall. 

In addition, the chevron pattern only recently hits the waves in the tiles industry. However, it is still an excellent way to represent your home. We can consider this tiling portion as a more straightforward way of tiling the floor or wall. It also can liven up a dull space while retaining the practical benefits of having a traditional design on the interior outlay. To accentuate the pattern, choose contrasting colours on top of a muted hue or closely coloured grout.  Click here to read about The Top 10 Incredible Benefits of Installing Terrazzo Tiles in Your Home.

Advantages of Chevron Tiles Pattern

Despite being different from the herringbone tiles pattern, the chevron tiles also have their own advantages over other choices of designs.

  1. The chevron tile pattern can highlight every focal point of the room traditionally. Moreover, it also carries a level of versatility that supports any size of the room. It can create an overwhelming pattern when carefully laid with all its colour shades and contrast formation. The colour variation between the grout and the tile can also create a more beautiful design. As a result, the portion of the room easily stands out.
  2. Another essential advantage of the Chevron tiles is that you can use them to highlight the individual tiles. You can easily choose the chevron tiling pattern to draw attention to tiles in use other than selecting a standard tile that can be ignored. 

Herringbone or Chevron Tiles, which one is better?

Both the herringbone and the chevron tiling patterns are customizable to the peculiar style you want to create. So, you can still choose any of the two ways in the basic sense, depending on which one you ultimately prefer. Whereas, know that you can recreate any of the two to find the better pattern, style, colour, design and other attributes that work best for your condition. And in terms of complications, they are both more complicated than simple tile laying. 

In other words, you cannot differentiate these two patterns on the premise of time, energy and cost consumption.  But you can only maintain the design that works better for you. Suppose you think you prefer the chevron tiling. In that case, you may spend an extra effort to request the parallelogram tiles from a professional company. And if the herringbone tiles work better for you, it’s easier to obtain them from home equipment stores around you. 


On a final note, you need a professional store to recommend suitable tiles and laying patterns for you. But the comparison between these two trendy tiles patterns, the chevron and the herringbone tiles pattern, can serve as an informative guide. On the other hand, if you like the DIY approach, you can install the tiles yourself to obtain a bright and modern connection with your home. Moreover, the herringbone can really turn things around for you and bring your home alive.